Recruitment & Placement Services

Recruitment and Placement

We recruit for local and multinational companies from all over the country based on experience and skills following “right people in right place” method. We specialize in finding workforce, professionals, mid management and senior management for companies across all over the country. We cognize what you expect from a human resource consulting firm as we are serving as a prominent Human Resource Consulting firm in Bangladesh.

We have an extensive experience and excellent expertise with professional recruitment principles to find the best possible Recruitment and Placement solutions for our clients. Analyzing the clients’ needs, we focus on the recruiting efficient workers fit for the required place ending up the client satisfaction.

In line with our business goal we make Full Cycle Recruitment for our clients as they can get the best candidate for required position by minimum time frame.

Full Cycle Recruitment Process:

A. Qualitative & Quantitative Data: In this regard, Qualitative & Quantitative data analysis is required to identify the potential candidate from a large pull of candidates.

B. Structured interview: Structured interview (Confidential) is held to find out the right man in the right place.

C. Data Source: The assignment will contain data from primary sources and secondary Sources.

Primary data consists of:

  1. Online Communication.

  2. CV bank of Soft copy.

  3. CV bank of Hard copy.

  4. University and employer’s Communication.

Secondary data consists of:

  1. Web site advertisement.

  2. Newspaper advertisement.

  3. Job site advertisement.

D. The scope of Assignment:
  1. Judging the requirements of clients.

  2. Immediate interview process whenever necessary.

  3. Providing CV to the clients following required criteria.

  4. Following lead time perfectly.

  5. Proper documentation.

E. The steps taken for Recruitment and Selection:
  1. Up keeping and following the requirements along with Job descriptions from the clients.

  2. Searching the candidate through our CV banks from soft copies and hard copies.

  3. Checking the qualities and competencies through CVs for matching the given job descriptions.

  4. Shortlisting and list up the CVs.

  5. Calling for primary interview at HRD office.

  6. Shortlisting to forward the CVs to the clients for their choice.

  7. Arrange Final interview for selection by the clients.

  8. Arranging Final interview with clients in HRD office/Skype/Any chosen place by clients.

  9. Making panel after choosing by the clients.

  10. Confirm the first selection.

  11. Preparation of Letter of Engagement.

  12. Accepting joining letter.

  13. Familiarize with the HRD officials for any type of further cooperation.

  14. Introduce with the clients’ Reporting Boss of the candidates.

  15. Keeping documents of all certificates and copies.

  16. Provide Basic Training on the resource Job Description to each resource and try to do it repeatedly for their better understanding.

  17. Include the candidate in our payroll management if clients want.

  18. Providing salary to candidates’ bank accounts within 25th of the month.

  19. Providing expense, bonus or other necessary payments to candidates’ bank account in time.

  20. Income tax calculation payment maintenance.

  21. Managing Attendance through the HRD office using modern technology.

  22. Performance Evaluation.

  23. Discrepancy record and action.

  24. Replacement.