Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Human Resource Development (HRD) is one of the prominent payroll service providers in Bangladesh. We support for Payroll Preparation, Reporting, Calculation and related Tax Services to different organizations. We offer national and international companies payroll and human resource expertise and seamless workforce expansion into Bangladesh and overseas.

HRD provides a simple and convenient way to pay our clients’ employees through using advanced tools and techniques. Since the very beginning we earned the trust of many national and multinational companies through managing their payroll smoothly. We are proud of our commitment to our services given to our clients and do everything we can to ensure our clients’ payroll is process without a hitch.

HRD partners up with your company, becoming your outsourced payroll experts. We take the guesswork out of getting employees paid properly and on time.

International Payroll:

We are specialized in assisting international companies to manage their payroll requirements in Bangladesh. It is inevitably time consuming to look after the employees in overseas operation, we remove the complexities of our clients to settle it with proper payroll. HRD is fully conversant with national law, legislation, tax, and statutory reporting requirements assuring your compliance with the rules and regulations of Bangladesh.

Payroll Processing

A. Quantitative Data: In this regard, Quantitative data analysis is required to prepare the payment process for the employees.

B. Data Source: Data sources are

  1. Attendances register

  2. Leave register

  3. Absent record

  4. Gross wages data

  5. Salary breakup

  6. Overtime

  7. Allowances

  8. Bonus

  9. Increment

  10. Advance

C. The processes taken for payroll system:

  1. Attendances are counted monthly for payroll process to be implemented to make payment.

  2. Leave and absent are counted for accurate payment.

  3. Each and every employee has a salary break up followed in salary sheet.

  4. All the allowances are counted perfectly.

  5. Overtime is calculated as per law to provide the payment to outlay in salary sheet.

  6. Increment is considered if any.

  7. Bonus considered adding with salary whenever it’s time to pay.

  8. Any loan or advance is considered for calculation.

  9. Payroll Manager multiplies an employee’s hour by his or her pay rate the gross income accounts are entered into a computer program.

  10. Income tax calculation is to be done for payment maintenance properly.

  11. The payment methods are calculated by payroll manager and the appropriated pay-slips are issued.