HR Policy & Planning

HR Policy & Planning

We make Human Resource Policy and manual for our client organizations analyzing their mode of business. We set a proper guidelines and professional approach for the organization intending to adopt in managing its people. It clarifies the all aspect of Human Resource activities encompassing Recruitment, Promotion, Compensation, Training, Selection etc.

We work with our clients to set standard Human Resource Practices in their organizations and to implement them in the right way. Analyzing the culture, mode, strategy of organizations, we will identify ways to make appropriate workplace policies and practices that keep compliant to organizational goals. We work alongside our clients to create customized, clear, goal oriented policies. This policy includes employment and work policies, work schedules, guidelines on performance evaluations and information on remuneration and employee benefits.

Organizational Structure:

Policies on the rights, duties and responsibilities of employees create a suitable working environment and promote healthy workplace relationships in your organization. The distribution of policies and procedures to employees reduces the instances where management sends memos and notices on matters relating to employee issues.

Our HR Policies and Procedures provide guidelines on:

  1. Employer-employee relationships,

  2. Acceptable norms of behavior,

  3. Work schedules,

  4. Health and safety measures,

  5. Employment laws,

  6. Conflict resolution and

  7. Disciplinary measures

Legal Aspect

The HR Policy and Procedures we make for our clients comply with relevant laws and regulations that protect an organization from incurring corporate liability and employee lawsuits. Clearly written HR policies and procedures provide guidelines to employees regarding their rights and responsibilities.

Supervision Issues:

While making HR policies and procedures, we focus on reference material for supervisors in relation to employment matters in the organization, which streamlines the workflow in an organization. It helps supervise the employees and operations all over the organizations. A supervisor knows the scope of his authority and can guide new and existing employees if any queries arise in the course of their employment. HR managers and specialists apply policies and procedures to maintain discipline in the workplace. These procedures prescribed for disciplinary actions prevent the administration from facing accusations of bias.

Consistent practice:

HRD suggests to consistently practise the HR Policies and Procedures to get the utmost output. HR policies assist an organization in establishing and maintaining consistent practices in the workplace. Capricious changes in employee matters such as benefits, schedules and responsibilities create the risk of making employees dissatisfied and may lead to conflicts among the employees. Consistent application of the policies and procedures articulates the principles of the organization to the employees and other stakeholders.

We will help design an employee handbook of policies that everyone in organization can understand and follow consistently. It includes:

  1. Regulatory policies

  2. Paid time off policies

  3. Leaves of absence policies

  4. Flexible work schedule policies

  5. Acceptable use policies

  6. Business and travel reimbursement