What You Should Do for Getting Your Dream Job

What You Should Do for Getting Your Dream Job

What You Should Do for Getting Your Dream Job

The number of unemployed people is increasing along with the number of graduated students in our country. Most of the unemployed people is educated whereas they are supposed to get a good job. On the other hand, there are many jobs available in the job market and employer cannot get the right people with proper skills to be employed. There may be many reasons not to get job but the main reason is the lack of some skills.

A student cannot improve his skills overnight as it is a continuous process. There are some hard and soft skills that a student should know to get a good job. A student has to primarily focus on three areas to acquire these skills.

1. Technological Knowledge

2. English Proficiency

3. Reading Books

1.      Technological Knowledge

Those who are more accustomed to technology and tech-savvy always get more priority in getting job. There are many fields of technological knowledge. You should focus on the following areas of technology and computer skills to get prepared yourself for job market.

MS Office

You should have sound knowledge of MS Office, specially of MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel as you can prepare any documentation in a professional way, prepare standard and cognizable presentation showing exact data and fact using different infographics and organize huge volume of data and numerical presentation in a few click.



Standard typing skill helps you shine in your workplace and make you much more effective doing your work promptly. The average typing speed is roughly 35 to 40 word per minute. You must be habituated to look at the screen rather than keyboard while typing. You can check and practise your typing speed at this link: https://goo.gl/wyNG6c or https://goo.gl/ZZSCUC.

Google Product

If you are expert at Google Product, your work will be smoother and easier in your personal and professional arena. Google Product will make your life more manageable and help to be punctual. Every Google Product has different features and every product will help you do your work differently from different perspectives.

Social Media Management:

As Social Media is the most effective place of exposure, you should know the use of all its features. The more you will know the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube, the more you will have the opportunity to make yourself efficient in your workplace. You should know all of its business and professional perspectives and know how you can use it for your professional purposes.




How to Learn Technological Knowledge:

YouTube is the foremost efficient media where you can learn all of the topic mentioned above. It is the easiest way to learn every aspect of technology for common people.

2.      English Proficiency:

As English has been considered as the global business language, you have to be fluent in English in terms of Speaking, Listening, Reading and writing. The more you will be strong in English, the more you will have chance to get a good job.


The more you practise, the more you will speak well. The most efficient way to be well in English speaking is to speak in English with your friends around you. You can set a specific time in a day when you and your partner will discuss on any issue in English. Allow your tongue to speak incorrectly but fluently. Don’t be shy, keep practicing. Your speaking must be good.


You have to listen more for being well in this part. You can download English Audio clip and save it in your phone. Listen to this clip continuously until your subconscious mind accepts its statement and pronunciation. You should try several clips in this way and try to pronounce the statement you are hearing form different clip. This practice will make you natural English listener.


You have to read English Book, Article & Newspaper for improving your reading proficiency. We suggest you to read English Newspaper for dynamic reading. You can read the following newspapers.

You have to focus on the following points while reading Newspaper.

  • The Unknown Words you are reading
  • Paying attention to the Sentence Construction
  • Use of different Group of Words
  • Different Terminology mentioned in the article

When you read newspaper, you should keep in mind the following suggestions:

  •         Know the definition of the Unknown Words rather an only meaning of it

      See the following dictionary for the definition of unknown words:

  •         Cambridge Dictionary
  •         Oxford Dictionary
  •         www.ovidhan.org
  •         www.english-bangla.com
  •         www.joldee.com 
  •        Learn how the word is used in different sentences
  •         You will get many sentences using this word from Cambridge and Oxford Dictionary
  •         Notice how this word is used in the newspaper you are reading
  •         Write down these unknown words and its definition in your notebook for further revision
  •        Intensely notice the sentence construction you are reading
  •        Notice on the Group of Words you are reading
  •        Study the Terminology used in the article
  •        Read and Think how this sentence is constructed
  •        Read, Think & Practice
  •       Read English one and half hour daily and write 10 to 15 words with its definition in your notebook


English writing proficiency comes from good reading capacity and a huge practice. Follow the above-mentioned techniques for improving your reading skills and try to write any topic following the style of articles you have read.

3.      Reading Books

It is the most important part of getting prepared for any job. You can read any type of books you feel good to read. As there are many types of books, we suggest you to read the following types of books that directly help you to get prepared.

Skill Development Related Books:

  •      Those Books & Articles are related to the Major of your University
  •      Those Books & Articles are related to the field you want to work or are now working

Self-Development Related Books:

The books and articles will help you think out of the box, enable you to use your capacity more, expand your thought process and teach you to make rational decisions.

You will get a list of books here.


You can read prominent English or Bengali Literature. It will help you know the different perspective of life, interrelation among human being and history of culture & economy.