About Us

Human Resource Development (HRD), an associate of HR Bangladesh Ltd (HRBD), is a leading Human Resource Consulting firm in Bangladesh working with many national and multinational companies all over the country. We have tremendous experience in full-service HR solutions with outstandingly successful records. We have been working to serve the standard services to our valuable clients, meet their actual needs and seek the right people for their right places. Our focus has been to continuously come up with developing greater tech & automated solutions and embracing a talent, passionate & professional team.

Our Concern

  • TRIMATRIC Architect & Engineers

    TRIMATRIC Architect and Engineers, established in the year 2007, is one of the pioneer concerns in the field of creative solution providers in residential and commercial design, capable of excellent imaginative ability and professionalism. We bring out the hidden persona of our clients analyzing their demands and choices that eventually satisfy their inexpressible needs. We look forward not only to seeking business opportunities but also to providing innovative, unique and outstanding perspectives for the ful¬fillment of the requirements of our clients.

  • TRIMATRIC Design Studio

    TRIMATRIC Design Studio is one of the most prominent design studio in Bangladesh. We are the pioneer of modern movement of idea-driven graphic design across every discipline of digital and virtual arena. Our work encompasses world class game development, 3D Design and Visualization, Graphics and Animation, websites and contemporary digital experiences, advertising and communications. We are a full-service studio creating strategy, concept, design and production across all digital platforms.

  • Revolution Bangladesh

    Revolution Bangladesh with its experienced and skilled team has been successfully translating each client’s unique needs into an ingeniously customized package of services and products and raising the bar to a new height in the exposition and event management industry in Bangladesh. We are always reinventing ourselves to meet the needs of our clients putting ourselves in their shoes. We accomplish a vast range of live events from internal workshops and seminars to large scale conferences and events.

  • Orbit Technologies

    Orbit Technologies is a full-fledged Web Development Company offering a wide range of Internet services to business and companies around the world. Our service encompasses web development, UI/UX design, e-commerce, mobile app development. We cooperate you to run your business technologically and create brand-new software products and implement market-leading solutions.


    We found Indecor, a sister concern of Trimatric Architect & Engineers, with the goal of making modern and customized design of your furniture reflecting your elegant and majestic choices. We come up with the prompt customer responses to be the online destination with the most comprehensive online collection of eye soothing design. We strive to give people the opportunity to share our adorable designed products. We believe that geography, budget and time should not be barriers of enjoying our products. Our fast and reliable shipping program, covering all over the country, delivers to your door.

  • HR Bangladesh Ltd.

    HR Bangladesh Ltd. (HRBD), a leading HR service providing firm in Bangladesh, is working with many national & multinational organizations. We provide complete relevant personalized opportunities and intelligent recruitment services, to connect high quality candidates with many of the most successful businesses in Bangladesh and abroad. We have already worked with almost thirty national & multinational organizations.


Our mission is to provide the high standard HR Support to our clients, meet their needs in a faster way, recruit right people in a right place and work with respect, integrity and responsibility.


Our vision is to be world’s best customer-centric HR solution hub, a place of faith for any volume of organization for their HR Support and a catalyst of making a high professional corporate world.